Farrier Services

I am experienced with providing shoeing and trimming services to all sorts of critters, including horses, donkeys, and goats. I provide professional equine hoof care through the balancing and trimming of your horses hooves along with the removal, and placement of all types of shoes, including the following:

Specialty Type Shoes

Machined Keg Shoes

Hand-forged Shoes

Service Area

Based just outside of Redding, I am currently servicing areas as far north as Shasta City, as far east as Shingletown, as far south as Cottonwood, and as far west as Igo.

If you have any questions on an area I might be working in or that I do not have listed, but most likely go to, feel free to go to my contact page and ask me.

Remember, I try to be as convenient as possible to my customers and that means going to you!