Expert Hoof Care With A Woman’s Touch

Welcome! West Coast Farrier Service is dedicated to providing professional shoeing and trimming services with a uniquely caring manner. Owner and expert farrier, Diane Greene, is dedicated to bringing her personal philosophy on hoof care and her years of experience in equine health to every client she services.

Here is how she stands out above the rest:

  • Equine Communication

    Diane’s goal is to make sure your horse is as comfortable as possible. This means taking time to understand your horse’s behaviors and quirks. She will never rush to meet a deadline, especially if that means risking scaring or hurting the horse.
  • Mutual Respect

    Diane understands that people have lives and schedules to keep. She always respects her client’s time and makes sure to keep them informed of any appointment delays or cancellations ahead of time.

  • Horse Behavior

    Diane holds many years of experience working with horses, donkeys, goats, and other animals. From her years of service as a farrier, she has developed a strong understanding of how and why horses behave the way they do.

To read more about Diane’s personal philosophy on business and equine health, check out her My Philosophy page.