Gentle Giant!  I love my Tennessee Walker clients!  They are big sweeties!


My Custom Farrier Rig  


This is such a painful condition for any horse, donkey, mini, or mule to go through!    Caught early, with veterinarian intervention, expert farrier care & very careful diet control, Laminitis can result in a fair prognosis.  

Laminitis causes serious distortion of the hoof capsule and susceptibility to abscesses.  The damaged laminae are clearly evident with cracks and pronounced stretching. Sadly, the damage is usually pernanent!

My New Love!

It never hurts to stretch your horizons!

It was time to revisit the uncomfortable role of buying a horse after the devasting loss of my older mare, “Wonder” to Cushings, and the unplanned euthanasia of her daughter, “Lily” (my primary trail & gymkhana ride), following a freak accident.  Meet “Clyde”, my new ride!  He is a 9 year old mule, 16.1 hands, and the sweetest, kindest, most patient (if not a tiny bit stubborn at times) equid I could have ever hoped to find!  Yes, he is learning Gymkhana, he is GREAT on the trails, and I am truly blessed to own him!  

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