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Diane provides all levels of professional farrier service for a multitude of disciplines!    Whether you have a retired athlete living out his days in green pastures, a working ranch horse, a Dressage or Hunter phenom, an Endurance star, a Gymkhana wonder, or a high maintenance chronic lameness challenge…her service and expertise will exceed all your expectations!

Lifetime Injury…

Rescued from a slaughter facility, this horse is finally mostly sound and comfortable at the age of 22 years with a custom “D” bar shoe with snow pad & packing!

Although a common ailment, a hoof abscess can turn your horse into a three-legged nightmare.  Most abscesses will either gravel out the coronet band or rupture out the sole, with immediate pain relief and quick healing!  Diane is uniquely qualified to treat and maintain more serious cases, with routine resection and supportive shoes to obtain completely recovery!


 Sometimes hidden issues can result in catastrophic hoof failure.  Diane has the expertise to resect and treat many common hoof ailments like Thrush, Canker, and Fungus!

White Line Disease 

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